Philanthropy is a collective idea and it not only means charity but also so many things that are intended to uplift the state of our society. Whether you talk about human rights or poverty, Philanthropists invest their time and money to work towards the welfare of society. Since the purpose is completely non-profit, they collaborate instead of being contenders. This helps in chalking out a better plan and working together for a common goal. However, there are certain challenges where organizations have to face various problems in the process.

Trust and Transparency:

Trust and Transparency

Charities are dependent on donors. People who donate to the cause, but in recent years there has been a decline in the trust among the people as many people believe that the funds are being mismanaged. This is because some charities had failed to discharge the funds properly. This has impacted the donations and out a negative pressure on it. The promotions have led to some positive light, new reports like this are always bad for the initiative. More transparency in the operation will help. People want to know how the organization works and where the money goes. It can’t be kept a secret.


Most of the charities are digital now. The Internet has provided them a reason to reach out to a wider audience and bring funds to the organization. However, this has also led to concerns as to how much safe the platform is. Since dealers are giving out their data, the responsibility falls on the organization to protect it from the third-part interference. To assess this, people are working round the clock to maintain a secure and reliable process. As the Cyberworld changes, the issues faced by them also do.

Trusting taking action:

The trustees can provide their skills to help the organization grow. There can be a deficit in employment as many of the people don’t prepare for working in a charitable organization. However, in such cases whatever talent and skill you have is appreciable. There can be weak points in the organization where it has to fix first.


The law can be a real headache in some places. You have to get the approval for various things from the law. Though it’s a non-profit initiative, there needs to be a proper regulation to do such things. It can be a real struggle in some places and if the organization is multinational, then it can be time-consuming.


Philanthropists work for the upliftment of society on issues like human rights and empowerment. They work for equal rights for everyone. This can attract the ire of some people who may not like it. This is one of the most threatening challenges in such a work where intimidation and threats are common for organizations. Whether that be the state or any other organization, this is common.


There are some issues faced by the Philanthropy in matters of its working. These challenges are more in developing countries as compared to the developed ones. Having said that, it’s due to the work of such organizations that we can see in many countries that the attempt to make the society equal hasn’t been wasted.

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